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TOXIC TASTE - Toxification 2008

Posted by Crew Thursday, December 23, 2010 0 ulasan
TOXIC TASTE is a new grouping of Rolf Kasparek''Rock 'n' Rolf''
(RUNNING WILD). in this new band called Poison TT
AFREC style here is a Hard Rock Heavy Metal With enough
melodic and quite distant from what we had used in
RUNNING WILD. it is said that this new musical bet Rolf
Kasparek decided to termanido to RUNNING WILD do not know how
I take the most radical fans to hear what RUNNING WILD
POISON TT new well is now called, I can say is
quite interensantes passages but without that devilish Speed Metal
we now had a much more melodic line album
on your back as 2008 but appears in several places
dating from 2009 is not what is the good reason that I leave them there

  1. toxic taste
  2. N.C.R.
  3. neon angel
  4. midnight rodeo
  5. nighttime's waiting
  6. she's a rock
  7. tonight
  8. starlight serenade
  9. raise your glass
  10. T.T.S.G.
  11. come on strong
  12. high (r)oc(k)tane
  13. anytime
  14. time of one life
  15. rock 'n' roll

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