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Posted by Crew Thursday, March 17, 2011 2 ulasan
Genres Alternative metal, alternative rock, post-grunge

 TERIMA KASIH pada DYLLA BURN, yang minta dj postkan entri pasal band Breaking Benjamin.di sini dj sertakan sikit maklumat tentang kumpulan Breaking Benjamin untuk kita berkongsi bersama.

Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, consisting of Benjamin Burnley, Aaron Fink, Mark Klepaski and Chad Szeliga. The band has released four albums to date. The group is currently on hiatus due to frontman Benjamin Burnley's recurring illnesses and is unable to tour for the time being.


Formation (1998-2001)

Before Breaking Benjamin, Ben Burnley was a solo performer. He later came up with the band's name, "Breaking Benjamin," after doing a performance of a Nirvana cover. At the end of the performance, Ben knocked over and cracked a microphone he had borrowed. The owner of the microphone walked onto the stage and said, "I'd like to thank Benjamin for breaking my fucking microphone.

In 1998, Burnley and current lead guitarist Aaron Fink, got together (along with Nick Hoover and Chris Lightcap) and started the band Breaking Benjamin. Eventually Ben wanted to try something different and went out to California to try some new material. Ben Burnley soon moved back to Pennsylvania and started a band called Plan 9 with drummer Jeremy Hummel. Originally the band was a 3-piece. The lineup consisted of Ben on vocals and guitar, Jeremy behind the kit, and Jason Davoli on bass. Plan 9 would occasionally open for Lifer at home shows. During one show, Ben said “Thank you, we’re Breaking Benjamin”, and thus reclaiming the name from 1998.

reaking Benjamin signed to Hollywood Records in early 2002 after the success of an independently-released, self-titled EP, which sold all 2,000 copies that were manufactured. The band then released their full-length, major-label debut, Saturate, on August 27, 2002. The album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart and at 136 on the Billboard Top 200.
The album's first single, "Polyamorous", received a fair amount of radio play, although it failed to reach mainstream audiences. A video was released in three different versions for "Polyamorous": one that had all live-action footage, and one that had footage of the video game Run Like Hell. The third was a variation of the non-live action video, but instead of scenes from Run Like Hell, it has scenes of people in flirtatious acts. This song was featured on the game Smackdown vs. Raw.

The second single from Saturate was "Skin", which fared even worse than "Polyamorous". Burnley has been known to state his disdain for the song during live performances and has the crowd sing the words as the band plays. This is due to Hollywood Records choosing it as the main single instead of the band's choice, "Medicate".

They had planned on releasing a studio version of their cover of "Enjoy the Silence" along with "Lady Bug" on the European version of Saturate. However, the European version was never released. "Lady Bug" was eventually released on the "So Cold EP", and on the Japanese version of We Are Not Alone."Wish I May" is a song played during the closing credits of the 2003 movie Wrong Turn

* Benjamin Burnley - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1998–present)
* Aaron Fink - lead guitar (1998; 2001–present)
* Mark Klepaski - bass guitar (2001–present)
* Chad Szeliga - drums, percussion (2005–present)


* Chris Lightcap - drums, percussion (1998)
* Nick Hoover - bass guitar (1998)
* Jonathan "Bug" Price - bass guitar, backing vocals (1998–2001)
* Jeremy Hummel - drums, percussion (2001–2004)
* Kevin Soffera - drums, percussion (live) (2004)
* Ben "BC" Vaught - drums, percussion (live) (2004–2005)

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Dylla Burn said...

Thanks DJ! Thank you sooooo much! I like!

Btw, just a suggestion, I love PARAMORE so much, went to their concert, both in Malaysia & Singapore (before Josh Farro left the band). Currently, Josh has perform new band named, NOVEL AMERICA. You might want to do a survey on them and should it suits your criteria, you can add in as well. Will spread the words to all my rocking girls & boys-friend!

Keep the world rocking!
(I do leave your link in my blog, if you dont mind, do check on them, in case there is sth worng with the link k, thanks bro)

Dylla Burn said...

Additional comment...hikhikhik

Has AVENGED SEVENFOLD found a replacement for their late drummer? Eh, soklan lah, bukan comment..

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