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Boring + Bored

Posted by Crew Monday, April 11, 2011 1 ulasan
greetings to all visitors DJROCKWORLD blog, sorry that, now do not update the old blog, mind or idea will do it. a lot of rock bands that will go right in, but tu la just feel lazy today .. to those who are already followers of this blog dj, dj speech right again thank you, and to those who have suggestions or ideas can be shared with the dj here. It is a day or two .. see this again, there may be the newest entry in the post .... maybe there is a new band that will be introduced later dj ... thanks to those who are willing to download link - song dj here. . a lot of dj also received comments from people who have downloaded music here, just not on display here, They do not care about the people who are in Malaysia and outside Malaysia as well .. thank you

salam sejahtera kepada semua pengunjung blog DJROCKWORLD,maaf  yang ,sekarang ini lama tak update blog,akal atau idea lagi nak buat. banyak kumpulan rock yang bakal di masuk kan,tapi tu la cuma rasa malas sekarang ini..kepada mereka yang dah follower blog dj ini,sekali lagi dj ucapan kan  terima kasih,dan kepada mereka yang ada cadangan atau idea boleh kongsi dengan dj sini...tengok la sehari dua ini lagi,,,mungkin ada entri terbaru akan di post....mungkin ada juga band baru yang akan dj perkenalkan nanti ...terima kasih pada mereka yang sudi download link lagu - lagu dj di sini..banyak juga dj terima komen dari mereka yang telah  download muzik di sini,cuma tak di paparkan di sini je. tak kira la dari mereka yang berada di dalam malaysia dan juga luar malaysia..terima kasih

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♥♥♥♥ dilaBanGi ♥♥♥♥ said...

miss u dj:-P

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