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New Battle of Los Angeles [R5 version]

Posted by Crew Sunday, April 17, 2011 0 ulasan
Title: Battle of Los Angeles [R5 version]
Year: 2011
Region: Europe
Type: science fiction
Directed by: Jonathan Liebesman
Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Ramon Rodriguez
Upload date :2011-04-07
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (15,473 votes)


"Battle of Los Angeles [R5 Version]" Plot

It tells the story based in the West Coast, California Pendleton Marine Corps base platoon leader Michael Lentz (Alan Eckhart ornaments) received the order quick response, along the world's coastlines are suffering against unknown attack. Lands, led a row of soldiers with no experience of foreign enemy and the day into a fierce street fighting in Los Angeles, the other is a powerful alien army, which was born from an attempt to eradicate the sea shaped human biology, to take over the Earth's water resources. These Marines Battle of Los Angeles have become the first and last line of defense.

A quiet morning, numerous road across the world's major cities, light sky, NASA (NASA) initially thought it was a comet debris across the atmosphere, then shocked to find that even as these pieces will creep, falling debris, the sea, then change Body weapons attack coastal cities around the world! Marine Sergeant Michael Nantz was ordered to lead a team to rescue the trapped people in a district in Los Angeles, who knows more than one site only rubble, littered with corpses; After several hard to find trapped people, but by the frenzied attack on the enemies of unknown origin The military headquarters also came the shocking news: "the world has been destroyed twenty largest cities, Los Angeles will be the last line of defense of human!" shaped the face of an alien invasion raid, how to break through the Marine Corps will fight back to save the humans? !

Over the years, a variety of recorded UFO sightings occurred in every corner of the world: Buenos Aires, Seoul, France, Germany, China ... ... but in 2011, unknown forces attacked the Earth - UFO had become a distant reality of terror. The whole world is witnessing a fall in the international metropolis of extraterrestrial aliens under fire. In this unexpected battle, Los Angeles became a battlefield of human ultimate resistance. A Marine sergeant (played Alan Eckhart) led by a row of soldiers was ordered deployed along the coast, they engaged the enemy will be unprecedented.

Sentence review

The film has an original, exciting force impact on the audience.
- "Chicago Tribune"

CG special effects class.
- Entertainment Online

Making of

Shoot the alien invasion of new ideas

Alien invasion of Earth for the filming of a movie, the hardest part is sold for novelty. Effects and audio-visual aspects, the "Independence Day" as a benchmark; new ideas and features, the small cost of the "Ninth District," and the "monster" as an example. Of course, other kinds of such films after another, how can the older generation in the strong blaze a trail in it?

Directed by Jonathan Li Bei Siman choices and decisions: the story of alien invasion of earth turned into a war movie. He said: "I think the story of alien invasion if it can be arranged in war movie should be a very interesting thing. As unidentified, malicious intruder to occupy the earth, this time take up guns to protect military themselves, is the most natural thing. I'm from the "Black Hawk Down" and "Thriller Flight 93," these films draw a lot of inspiration. This film style, coupled with a documentary-style photography and editing, is this " Battle of Los Angeles "face." before shooting the film, the director has also been suggested with a follow suit, the vast tracts of this subject made into a popular 3D movies. Li Bei Siman indeed seriously considered this proposal, but he eventually gave up the 3D, the movie made into a movie the most common 2D. He did so, having regard to the audience's viewing experience. Li Bei Siman said: "If the film made into 3D, then those shaky handheld photography possible in 2 minutes deceives the audience will be able to vomit." Now that you have chosen the form of an ordinary film, the director decided to use the film even further this most traditional of the video material to shoot video. In fact, before shooting the film, the director had also tried to use digital cameras to film. They were using the RED system equipment, but when checking the samples, the rationale Beisi Man found on digital in the expression, or the lost film. Li Bei Siman said: "We found that the digital to film the show there is no way out of that quality, especially in the film some, such as explosions, scenes of street fighting and so on, and when the lens moves too fast and digital disadvantage is obvious. "

In contrast with the use of traditional film is screenwriter Christopher Alberto Rini written script. In this script, Beto Rini did not indulge in showing scenes, rendering the alien is not too much violence, but there is no "fall" in the streets, unable to extricate themselves. He chose to write this script into a dramatic conflict of the "melodrama." He said: "I play a lot of humanity in the choice of joining a class theme. Where there is doubt, choice and so on. The most important thing is the conflict manifested as early as possible, so as soon as the audience into this fantasy scene area, so that them into play as soon as possible. "

True and false alien explosion

Used to make computer explosions and the practice, the director Jonathan Li Bei Siman choice as much as possible the actual use of the explosive head-to shoot video. His goal is to make do movies look more real, to meet the film's documentary style of photography aesthetics. Video in September 2009 to October 2010 in Shreveport, Louisiana capital of Baton Rouge and shooting. In order to take out the ruins of the scene in Los Angeles, the film crew built in Louisiana, a small street in Los Angeles, which joined the scrap cars, trucks and tanks burned, and the helicopter crashed and so on. Li Bei Siman said: "The set is the most important, if the full use of computer technology to complete the scene, I think this could make the movie into a science fiction film, and my mind is like shooting a war movie. If we act too unreal, for no good to the overall style of the film. "It should be the pursuit of truth, so the director was chosen to use a real blow to a lot of filming. However, this approach to the actor's performances take an enormous problem. First is safety, followed by the performance of timing. Because the real security risks will inevitably be an explosion, but the timing of performers to match exactly the time of explosion blasting point, in order to have the anticipated effect. Aaron Eckhart movie star said: "The high cost of the explosion, only a qualified success. So we do a lot of preparation before the actual filming and rehearsal work. Over and over again in rehearsal, is to finally be able to one-time success. And Jonathan also encourages us to play to complete all the shots himself, he advised us not to use doubles. These are the truth for the sake of the film. "

And a large number of explosions in sharp contrast to the real is the movie about aliens that occurred less than 10% of the model is true, and the remaining 90% are using the CGI technology calculated. Jonathan did not want to use the model does not capture, but the accuracy of aliens in the details on the model can not meet his requirements. Jonathan said: "Those who look on the big screen model is still very rough, in detail, color and texture can not reach the point where people believed. Therefore, I find Paul Gerald designed and produced some of the alien model then copied to a computer, a number of refinement. kalat great design sense, these aliens, they are neither insects nor animals. from real life is no trace of them. They like to deal with human is the policy of the Nazi genocide, as cricket and as we ant. "

The film shooting process, met with a number of small ups and downs. Things to do special effects for the film company and its two founders Hydraulx Colin and Greg Strauss Strauss brothers "copy." Sony companies in Colombia and the special effects to the Strauss brothers movie, the Strauss brothers suddenly announced that they have to take an alien invasion is about the same in Los Angeles, science fiction, this is the end of last year's ambitious work, " the sky. " Release of the film, one of the Sony is no doubt that "copying and plagiarism," and repeatedly asked the Strauss brothers apologized. But the Strauss brothers, but a spokesman for Sony said that this is likely to harm their own interests of independent films and small budget films in the suppression and elimination. But this war of words unknown tell Road did not cause any serious consequences, or live in peace in two films produced, large-scale release.

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